BSOV Mining in Windows 10.

This is part of our Getting Started series. Welcome to our BSOV Mining in Windows 10 Guide.

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  • SoliditySHA3Miner | 1.5% Fee


All-in-one mixed multi-GPU (nVidia, AMD, Intel) & CPU miner solves proof of work to mine supported EIP918 tokens in a single instance (with API).

To withdraw your tokens, you will need ETH to perform withdrawal/transaction from your account.

There is a default of 2.0% Developer fee (Once every 50th nounces: starting from 50th). The Developer’s fee can be reduced to 1.5% using the parameter devFee=1.5.

This will be a guide to solo mine BSOV.


1. Visit SoliditySHA3Miner to download the latest version of the miner and Extract the files. Then download .Net Core 2.2.

Visit SoliditySHA3Miner on Github

2. Edit our 0xbtcPool.bat file to configure it to start mining BSOV

Find 0xbtcSolo.

Sometimes Windows will detect the file as a virus, you can just click on More Info and then Run Anyways. This virus false alarm is because the .bat and .exe file extensions from private and unknown sources are most of the time flagged as a virus.

Editing 0xbtcsolo.bat
Editing 0xbtcsolo.bat

Sign-up to to receive the API key that helps the Miner to communicate with the Ethereum network.

Sign up for
Sign up for

After you create your account, create a new project and name it BSOV, then click on  View Project on your dashboard. Once you view the project you will find your ENDPOINT on the Keys section.Copy your ENDPOINT(mainnet) URL and Paste it in the web3api field in your mining script after the https://.

Now we need to add the contract address. You can find the contract address on the BSOV Mining page.

It’s time to add an ETH private key to start the mining. The private key will be used to take mining gas fees from your ETH address, we will provide more details about this subject below.

Here we are using Metamask extension to create a quick wallet and copy it’s private keys.

You are able to use any private keys but for this scenario it is best to create a new wallet and deposit in it a couple of dollars of ETH and then use the private keys of that wallet to avoid security risks for your main wallet assets.

Metamask dashboard
Metamask dashboard

Once you click on details go to Export Private Key and enter your password then you will receive your key. Copy/paste your key to your miner script in the privatekey parameter. 

If your Private Key is not from Metamask and it comes with a 0x… in the beginning, then paste it without the 0x part. 

Script overview:
  • web3api – Create an Infura account and add your ENDPOINT api to this parameter after the https://.
  • contract – BSOV contract address. found on
  • privatekey – ETH wallet private key. We will be using Metamask extension for now, just make sure to do this with a wallet that does not contain all your funds so it does not cause security issues for your assets.
  • gasToMine – The higher the gas the more chance your share will be accepted. Gas costs small amounts of ETH that is why we need to deposit a couple of dollars in your address.
Please review the readme.txt file to learn more!

3. Miner is now online. You can find your mined BSOV tokens in your wallet by adding a custom token using the BSOV Contract Address.

The Miner Running.
The Miner Running.

To make sure it actually is mining, a small black box (CMD) will open up and will preview the hashrate of each GPU that is connected to the rig and will occasionally output the temperature and watts of the rig. Be advised, the temperature and watts are inaccurate.

Check your Rig balance by visiting the pool website and enter your ETH address your mining too into the proper field.

Additional Information

Metamask is very quick and easy to setup. Here are the instructions to see your mined BSOV tokens.

1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left of the extension screen and then click on Add Token

Now you can send your BSOV tokens anywhere you’d like. There are many exchanges that accept BSOV and they are doing a great job in getting more exchange platforms.


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