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Welcome to Cryptocurrency Mining In Cudo Miner. Cudo Miner is designed to be user-friendly and it has an attractive UI and very easy to get started with.

The Fee on Cudo Miner varies based on your mining revenue, the higher your payout is the lower the fees. Here is a picture of the Tiers for different Fees.

Cudo Miner Fees
1. Visit Cudo Miner to create an account and earn a free 5000 Satoshis. [Click Here]

Earn 5000 Satoshis

Cudo Miner Sign-Up

2. Download Cudo Miner on the devices you would like to mine with.

Now Cudo Miner should be successfully installed on your PC. Now we will look through the options and give you an overview of the software.


First Look

As soon as you open the miner it will automatically choose the best Algorithm & Coin to mine and it will start mining right away.

When you get here you can go ahead and make sure that the miner is disabled so we can tweak the settings to be more efficient.

Cudo Miner First Look
  • Dashboard
  • Stats
  • Benchmarks
  • History
  • Settings

In the dashboard you will be able to see all of the detected devices that are capable of mining. You can chose to disable certain devices and overclock them to perform better and more efficiently but we do recommend overclocking with MSI Afterburner. You can learn about MSI Afterburner in our article Basics of Overclocking.

Cudo Miner Dashboard
Cudo Miner Dashboard

You will find your mining statistics in this tab you will find your Elapsed Time Mining and your Revenue History.

Cudo Miner Stats
Cudo Miner Stats

Benchmarks will show you results of a quick test that estimates how well your hardware will do in the recommended algorithm.

Cudo Miner Benchmarks
Cudo Miner Benchmarks


You will find all your mining sessions in your History tab from start to end.

Cudo Miner History
Cudo Miner History


The Settings tab will provide all the tools needed to configure the miner behavior. (Mine on startup, enabling 3rd party software, etc.) Disable overclocking since we will be doing it using MSI Afterburner. Refer to this Article.

Configuring Your Settings

All the settings in Cudo Miner are self-explanatory and very easy to navigate through. Using the settings you can configure the Miner to only mine when you are not using the PC and turns off when your gaming. You can also specify how much power of your GPU/CPU the miner can use.

Cudo Miner Controls

Allowing 3rd party miners will let Cudo Miner use miners that are developed by the community to carry on your operations.


You can choose to be paid in different ways. The best option we recommend is getting paid with Bitcoin but if you have a project your supporting you can choose to get paid in that crypto instead. 

Cudo Miner Payments

Click on Transactions tab to find your withdrawal button on the top right and from there you are set to use the Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner also provides a custom Operating System (CudoOS). If anyone needs a full guide to setup CudoOS please let us know in our Discord Server!



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