Best Graphic Cards For Mining

Buying the right Graphic Cards makes a great impact on your mining returns, and aesthetics of the rig if you care of how fancy it looks.

Best Graphic Card For Mining

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Why It's Important To Pick The Right Graphic Cards

AMD VS NVIDIA VS Mining Dedicated Cards

For the longest time AMD was the mother of all Mining Cards, the RX 470/480/570/580 won the heart of the Mining Community, they are cheap and super efficient, but are they still worth it in 2019?

There are always updates in the Cryptocurrency mining world. In the upcoming months, Monero will be switching their algorithm to RandomX, which is known for it being CPU Friendly, therefore that can negatively affect AMD Cards, since they perform very well in Monero mining, but then your left with Ethash which AMD dominates. However, there has been some rumors that Ethereum will change algorithms as well but that is yet to be confirmed.

Mining Dedicated Cards

Mining Dedicated Cards are more efficient and they’re only usable for Cryptocurrency mining, you can’t use them as a regular Graphic Card.

They come in very handy in any rigs that have more than 13 PCI-E slots, reason being that it reduces strain on the system and they take less computational power for your rig to maintain and it always seems that above 13 normal GPUs the rig can become unstable.

Which One Should You Buy?

We recommend buying:

  • NVIDIA Cards – specifically the GTX 1660 TI and the RTX 2060. They perform great in many more algorithms than AMD and they will retain a good resell value since they are still newly released Graphic Cards.
  • Vega VII is also a very great card for mining but unfortunately seems like they stopped producing them.
  • or Mining Dedicated Cards – would be great if you are trying to achieve any 13 + Cards Rig, 1-13 NVIDIA and 1-13 AMD then the rest populate with Mining Dedicated Cards. P104-100 is a good one to pick up, they perform exceptionally well for the price range)

What Impacts Your Mining Performance

Many factors can go in to impacting your mining performance reasons to consider are: 

  • You might’ve not configured your Graphic Cards to be ready to start hashing blocks
  • You’re mining the least efficient coin so the algorithm isn’t the best with your Graphic Card
  • You live in a very high temperature region, which does affect mining largely depending on your cooling.

Maintaining Your Equipment

Can’t over-stress this enough. Please maintain the equipment, dust it every other month, keep it neat and away from dirt and danger. 

All this takes a toll on your rig, the more dust the less efficient and more heat will come forth. 

I’d recommend buying a Duster (Compressed Air Cans or The Electronic Duster to make it easier on your self and a fan (Best Fan we have been using for a while) to help reduce the heat.

Do NOT place your mining rig on a carpet since it leads to plenty of dust to be absorbed by the fans. Try to set your Rig somewhere high – out of reach from your house pets or children.

Overclocks & Configuration

Overclocking is a must for Mining. Make sure to undervolt your cards since it will make a huge difference in wattage consumption and the heat it generates, less watts means less heat. We will be writing an article on overclocking your cards and making them Mining ready.

Configuration will refer to all the background services and unnecessary noise for your computational power, make sure you took the needed setup steps in our previous article ‘How To Setup a Mining Rig‘ 

Mining Algorithm Impact

Some Graphic Cards are not efficient in some mining algorithm, mainly comes down to NVIDIA or AMD cards. 

They both have their ups and downs, NVIDIA is well known for their Cuda Cores intensive algorithms like (MTP, X16R), And AMD is known for their Memory intensive algorithms (Ethash, CryptonightR).

We will explain in the next part what you should get and which will be better for the long term.


Having a good looking mining rig is not a must, however, we do recommend it because it promotes you to cable manage and keep dust away which will ultimately improve the life expectancy of your graphics cards.

We recommend buying the same model for your entire rig  and then pimping it up with some LED strip.

Dual Fan Style keeps the fan cooler and it is also less lousy than the Turbo Style.

Best Graphic Cards For Mining

RX 580 8GB

RX 580 Mining Overclocks

RX 5700XT

RX 5700XT Mining Overclocks

1660 Super

GTX 1660 TI Mining Overclocks


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