BSOV Mining in Windows 10.

This is part of our Getting Started series. Welcome to our BSOV Mining in Windows 10 Guide.

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T-Rex is a versatile cryptocurrency mining software. It supports a variety of algorithms and it has great developers behind it.

Developer fee is 1% (3% for Tensority).


1. Visit T-Rex Miner to download the latest version and Extract the files.

Visit T-Rex Miner on Github

2. Edit your start.bat file to change the settings to mine to your wallet.

Right click on config_example.

Sometimes Windows will detect the file as a virus, you can just click on More Info and then Run Anyways. This virus false alarm is because the .bat and .exe file extensions from private and unknown sources are most of the time flagged as a virus.

Editing config_example.
Editing config_example.

Now it is time to change the script to use your information:

  • Pools: There will be multiple configurations. The first one is the Main one and the rest are Fallovers. Fallovers are set in place encase the main one fails so it would go to the plan B, C, D… 
  • User: Will be your wallet address (RVN) and your worker name
  • Url: Is the pool server. Pick ones that are closest to your region.
  • Pass: Default password will be x.

There are lots of more options below the list of the regions but they are all set to default values that will get you going on mining Ravencoin. Any text that happens after “// is a comment so feel free to either delete or ignore that text.

If you need a more in depth look on those parameters let us know on Discord or feel free to go through the help txt.

Please review the t-rex-help.txt file to help you find out more about this mining software.
config_example modified.
config_example modified.

This will be the parameter that you will edit keep if you are located in Canada. 

3. Miner is now online. Monitor your rig through the pool’s website by entering your wallet address.

Monitor your Rig

To make sure it actually is mining, a small black box (CMD) will open up and will preview the hashrate of each GPU that is connected to the rig and will occasionally output the temperature and watts of the rig. Be advised, the temperature and watts are inaccurate.

Check your Rig balance by visiting the pool website and enter your RVN address your mining too into the proper field.

Additional Information

Pools are abundant, do your research and find what is best for you.

Pick servers that are closest to your Region.

Minermore Servers
These are Minermore Ravencoin servers. Pick one based on your region.

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