How To Check If Your Mining Rig Is Online

Methods that will teach you how to check if your mining rig is online and running. This can help you avoid or foresee downtime.

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Terminal Output

There are multiple methods on how to check if your mining rig is online so we will go over the most useful ways through our own experience.

The first thing you will notice after successfully setting up and running your Mining Rig is the Terminal Window. You will be able to see your miner statistics and the shares


This method can be inaccurate since if the miner crashes or the internet disconnects you will not be able to see any output until the issue is resolved. 

If you have more than one miner and you don’t want to use a large monitor for each device. You can use these tiny monitors for sake of convenience and less power draw.

Tiny Monitor
Tiny Monitor

Mining Address Pool Lookup

Your Mining Pool will have the most accurate results. Since all the requests will be reported to the Pool that means that if your Terminal Output crashes or gets disconnected, the Pool will update fairly quickly with your hashrate.

To preview your miner stats you will need to look up the address that you are mining too so you can preview the dashboard for the address.


The best variable to look at for accurate information will be the Average Hashrate for last 6 hours. Since your Hashrate will be most likely jumping around a lot, which then means your Current Calculated Hashrate will not be accurate. 

Last Reported Hashrate is what your terminal will output and it is your raw hashrate. If your miner crashes, then the Last Reported Hashrate will preview the value of 0 Mh/s.

Each pool has a different front and dashboard but they are all straight forward. Go to the pool you are mining too and then search the address then you will be able to get the same outcome. 

Using Custom Mining OS

Some Paid/Free Operating Systems that are dedicated to Cryptocurrency mining. These platforms have built in tools to manage your mining rigs and be able to see all the information on the dashboard. 


You are able to manually overclock and service your rigs just from the web interface. Which is very handy and does a great job in organizing your mining rigs in one platform.

Some of these platforms are:

  • HiveOS
  • Hashr8
  • Nicehash
  • CudoOS

These platforms can be great to use but like always convenience can come with some negatives. If the platform gets hacked or manipulated then it will have a bad impact on your mining rigs. You can learn more about improving your security in our 5 series guide for cybersecurity.

We will go more over the custom Operating Systems for mining soon. stay tuned!

Using Apps For Mobile Devices

Now monitoring your mining rigs from your Laptop/PC can be good enough to cover the basis, but it won’t be sufficient enough to avoid any downtime.  Therefore, using your Mobile Devices can help you keep an eye on your mining rig while on the go.

There are multiple apps that do a great job at delivering your Miner Statistics in a neat and organized matter. We found CheckPool. Which has a great app for both Android and IOS devices.


In this app you will be able to register your mining rigs for up to 3 for free and I think after then you will need to watch ads to unlock another slot. It is an awesome app and constantly getting new patches to support new pools and coins from the active development team. 

If you have any questions on how to check if your mining rig is online please feel free to get in touch with us on Discord!


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