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Welcome to Cryptocurrency Mining In Windows 10. In this path you will learn how to fine-tune your Windows 10 and prepare it for your cryptocurrency mining journey. We will include different Mining Software guides and Overclocking settings at the end of the tutorial to help you take your next step. Thank you for joining us in this journey and good luck!

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First lets get started with downloading Windows 10. You don’t need to purchase a license to start mining, we will show you 2 different options to install Windows 10, and then we will go through tuning it and getting it ready for mining.

To get started you will need…

    • Laptop Or PC
    • Internet connection
    • Flash Drive (8GB & Up preferably)

Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool is for creating an image file of Windows 10 right on a USB stick. It will be just like a fresh install, but since we are not using a license key it will state that ‘Windows is not activated. You can ignore that warning and it will not hinder with your performance.

If you downloaded the Windows image file that is pre-tweaked, You will want to write the image to the USB stick using the Rufus, else if you used Media Creation Tool then you can proceed by picking the right USB and then starting the image writing process. [Make sure to pick the right USB drive for both scenarios so you don’t risk losing your personal data]

Click here for a tutorial that explains how to use Rufus.

Now plug in the USB stick into your Mining Rig and boot through the USB to install Windows 10. To learn more about booting for the first time, make sure to read our original tutorial ‘How to setup a Mining Rig‘ for more details.

Click here for a tutorial that explains how to boot through a USB.


If you installed Windows 10 Pre-Tweaked version you can just double check on the settings below and make sure they are applied. 

Once you install Windows through the USB, you will be prompted to chose some privacy settings.

privacy settings

Make sure to uncheck all the options to reduce the amount of services running in the background.

After the installation is done, go to Settings then download all the Windows updates, afterwards install your GPU Drivers, for Nvidia Click Here, for AMD Click Here. Make sure you get the right model for your cards when you install the drivers, and always install the latest official download (not beta).

Finish installing all the updates, then install these applications…

  1. Overclocking software required by the Overclocking tutorial listed below
  2. Team viewer
  3. GPU-Z

Now reboot your Mining Rig and make sure ALL the updates are installed.

Configuring Your Settings

Lets start with the Control Panel:

  • Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System and change these 2 settings: (refer to pic 1)
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab, click on Performance, change to Performance mode. (refer to pic 2) 
  • Go to Advanced in the same box that popped up after the first step and then go to Memory Latency – Change it to 2000MB Per GPU you have for Initial, and for the Max 3000MB Per GPU.

Example: You have 3 RX 580s, that would be 6000MB for Initial, 9000MB Max. (refer to pic 3)

Power Settings

Now we move on to the power settings. 

  1. Open Power Settings > Advanced Power Settings
  2. Select High Performance settings
  3. Change plan settings
  4. Navigate to Advanced Power Settings
  5. Set PCI Express Link power management to Off (refer to the picture below)
Power Settings

Registry Tweaks

The last step in the setup is to download the file that will be linked below. The file optimizes you’re registry, you will type ‘y‘ for usually all of it, but if you do not want a certain thing disabled feel free to type ‘n‘. The purpose is to stop alot of the background services that would impact your mining stability & removes all the extra apps that are not needed. It does turn off windows updates but whenever you want to turn it back on to update all you have to do is head to the registry (mscv) and resume the Windows Update service. All the credits go to the creator of the script, his tag is mentioned in it.
Make sure to run it as an Admin

Great! Now you are ready to start mining. Make sure to chose your algorithm and then overclock accordingly. Read our guide about The Basics Of Overclocking to get a better understanding of how to overclock, and check out our overclocking posts that will help you with your specific card configuration.

If you do not find your GPU let us know in Discord and we will add it as soon as possible!

View our additional tips or choose an option from Mining Software to start setting up your miner!

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5 MUST DO Tips For Mining In Windows 10
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