RX 5700XT Mining Overclocks

RX 5700 XT Mining Overclocks & Settings




Before reading the RX 5700 XT Mining Overclocks. Please make sure to read the guide about overclocking basics to avoid any unnecessary damage and risk to your system. (Click Here)

Important Information

Tools required to tune your RX 5700 XT for mining in Windows 10:

  • AMD Latest Driver Updates
  • WinRAR – To extract the miner files.
  • GPU-Z  – To monitor the GPU wattage usage and find out the memory type.
  • Red BIOS Editor – To edit the Timings of your 5700XT Memory.
  • More Power Tool – To unlock further restrictions and be able to overclock and undervolt further.
  • Amdvbflash 3.04+ – To save your original BIOS and flash the new one.
  • Wattman – To overclock your AMD GPUs. Worked best for undervolting all the way down to 725. Feel free to use what works for you! Wattman comes with the AMD Radeon Software.

Permanent BIOS Modding
Simplified Steps:

  1. Download the Required Applications
  2. Plug in one GPU at a time. Mode them individually.
  3. Save the original BIOS through the amdvbflash -s 0 name.rom command and use a name that allows you to relate it to the GPU itself. Example using the last 4 digits of the GPU Serial number. 0231_5700XT_NitroPlus_Stock.rom
  4. Load the original BIOS into Red BIOS Editor and then copy the 1550Mhz timings into the fields below it.
  5. Save BIOS from Red BIOS Editor and name it 0231_5700XT_NitroPlus_Mod.rom.
  6. If you have 2 Memory Types repeat the steps again but load the moded one for the 2nd Memory type and save the BIOS with the same name to overwrite the previously modded one. After you finish both memory types, confirm that the changes are successfull by loading the modded BIOS into Red BIOS Editor again.
  7. Load the final BIOS with both memory timings are modified into the MorePowerTool and edit Minimum voltage GFX and Minmum voltage SoC to 725
  8. Save MorePowerTool configuration and load it into your modified BIOS from the Red BIOS Editor MorePower tab then save your modified BIOS again by overwriting the older modified one.
  9. Unlock rom through the amdvbflash -unlockrom 0 command and the flash it using amdvbflash -p 0 modded_bios_name.rom (must be in the same folder as the amdvbflash application is) 

To BIOS mod your 5700 XT it is better to watch our video regarding this topic. This link will be marked to when the BIOS modding starts: Click here.

You can BIOS Mod the GPUs on Windows 10 then run any mining operating system you’d like. 

As for overclocking. Memory values in HiveOs are different than Windows 10. If in Windows 10 you are running it at 1800Mhz for Memory then your HiveOs will be half of it. (900Mhz)

Selected Algorithm:


Not all GPUs are made equal. Your mileage might vary.

Effecient Settings

Wattman Settings


5700 XT Mining Overclocks - Effecient
5700 XT Mining Overclocks - Effecient

Performance Settings

Wattman Settings


5700 XT Mining Overclocks - Performance
5700 XT Mining Overclocks - Performance

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