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GPU Mining

Step-Flow For Getting Started In GPU Mining

Step 1

Basic Knowledge

Learn the basics of Cryptocurrency and GPU Mining so you can have a rough idea of

Step 2

Build Your First Rig

Gather all the parts to build your first mining rig! You can use our Mining Rig Builds playlist as an inspiration.

Step 3

Setting Up Your OS

Configure an Operating System on your storage device and setup the miner to start mining!

Step 4

Monitor Your Mining Rig

Learn how to manage and monitor your mining rigs remotely to avoid as much downtime as possible.

Graphic Cards


LHR Graphic Cards

Behind The LHR Label For Mining

Everything about the Lite-hashrate LHR Graphic Cards, how it impacts your mining revenue as well as how to identify LHR GPUs.

Top 5 GPUs For Mining

Top 5 GPUs For Mining

Top 5 GPUs for Mining Cryptocurrency while keeping in mind ETH2.0 and the NVIDIA LowHashRate Limiter. I compare 4 different algorithms.

Top 5 PSUs For GPU Mining

Top 5 PSUs For GPU Mining

Top 5 PSUs for GPU Mining as well as different tips and tricks when it comes to buying a PSU for a Mining Rig.

Your GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide 2021

Your GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide

An in-depth look at what parts should you get for your first mining rig. This is your GPU Mining Rig buying guide for 2021.

Basics Of Wattage And Electricity

Basics Of Wattage And Electricity

The biggest part most people overlook is the wattage and the dangers of electricity, so here are the basics of wattage and electricity.

How To Maximize Your Mining Profits

How To Maximize Mining Profits

In this article we will show you how to maximize mining profits, reduce your costs, buy your hardware and maintain your equipment.

Best Graphic Card For Mining

Best Graphic Cards For Mining

Buying the right Graphic Cards makes a great impact on your mining returns, and aesthetics of the rig if you care of how fancy it looks.

How To Set Up Your Mining Rig

How To Setup a Mining Rig

Setting up your Mining Rig can be very misleading, in this tutorial we will show you the essentials to on how to setup a Mining Rig.

Building Your Mining Rig

How To Build A Mining Rig

Tutorial to get started with building your first Mining Rig. Top components for building a Mining Rig efficiently and effectively.

Operating Systems

Mining In Windows 10
Windows 10

Mining With Windows 10

Learn how to mine cryptocurrency with Windows 10. We will go over the settings that should be tweaked, and prepare you to mine.

Mining In Ubuntu

Mining In Ubuntu

Learn how to get started with cryptocurrency mining in Ubuntu. We will go over the settings should be tweaked, and prepare you to mine.

Mining Software

Mining In Cudo Miner
Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner Application Guide

Learn how to get started with cryptocurrency mining using the Cudo Miner Application with their user-friendly design and it’s attractive UI.

Windows 10 BSOV Mining

BSOV Mining In Windows 10

BSOV mining in Windows 10 guide. BitcoinSOV provides everyone with a true Store of Value protected from inflation. Mine BSOV now!



Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

Storing your crypto somewhere safe is crucial. We will cover the use of cryptocurrency hardware wallets and the security they provide.

Cryptocurrency Wallets vs Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Wallets Vs Exchanges

Comparison between Cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. We will provide the pros and cons of both so you understand their differences.

How To Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies 2020.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency In 2021

A fundamental guide on how to buy cryptocurrency in 2021. We will cover the basics and provide a good base on how to invest.



Network Management – Security 0x5

Learn about network security and how it can be used against you. Part five of a five part series on how to keep your information online safe.


COVID-19 Impacts On Cryptocurrency

COVID-19 Impact On Cryptocurrency

COVID-19 is a pandemic that shook the world. We will explain How did the COVID-19 impact on cryptocurrency and what should we do as miners?

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