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Mining Chamber provides a place for up to date insights and information in the Crypto World. We also have video tutorials in almost every article!


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Best Graphic Card For Mining

Best Graphic Cards For Mining

Buying the right Graphic Cards makes a great impact on your mining returns, and aesthetics of the rig if you care of how fancy it looks.

How To Set Up Your Mining Rig

How To Setup a Mining Rig

Setting up your Mining Rig can be very misleading, in this tutorial we will show you the essentials to on how to setup a Mining Rig.

Building Your Mining Rig

How To Build A Mining Rig

Tutorial to get started with building your first Mining Rig. Top components for building a Mining Rig efficiently and effectively.

MC Store

MC Store

Shop in our store for different exciting products that can add fun to your mining journey!

We will be eventually adding apparels as well as some tools to help you manage your mining rigs better.

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Bitcoin Keycap

A handmade cute little Bitcoin Keycap that will fit on regular Mechanical Keyboards.

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