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Top 5 Reasons To Use The Brave Browser

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What is The Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is privacy focused and open-sourced, it’s engineered by great developers that seek to make the web a better place and make the adoption for cryptocurrency mainstream through the integration of the BAT token.

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1. Brave Cares About Your Privacy

Unlike other browsers that treat your personal data as an asset to sell to others and chase you with ads about products you viewed until you give in. Brave prioritizes privacy and it approaches it differently, they make sure that trackers don’t follow you around and you won’t be labeled through what you visit and buy.

2. Fast And Elegant

Smooth and loads pages quicker than other browsers, you have the options to use private tab, tor tabs and regular tabs. Brave automates HTTPS upgrades for compatible websites, and it also provides statistics of how many ad trackers blocked, and load time saved. Very awesome browser that is built on chromium.

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3. Pays YOU For Viewing Ads If You Decide To Opt In

Brave gives you the option to opt-in ads or not to, however, if you chose to opt-in you will occasionally receive notifications about different platforms and you as a user receive a portion of BAT every time you view the ads.

4. Promotes Decentralization And Crypto Adaptation

The Brave Browser highlights all the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency world through decentralization, censorship-free, privacy and integration of digital currency. This shows how useful it can be to use the upcoming technology and to adapt it in mainstream applications.


5. Unique Way To Support Your Favorite Content Creators

Brave gives you the opportunity to tip your favorite content creators on reddit, twitter or websites that are verified with Brave. Click on the BAT icon to see whether a website is verified or not.

"Brave For A Better Web" - Brave

Enjoy your data freedom and tip your favorite creators through brave, it is available on all platforms and they are constantly developing and becoming better by the day.

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