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Behind The Scenes at Mining Chamber

Who Are We

Mining Chamber is a platform for Crypto Enthusiasts to improve their knowledge and network with others. We offer different services varying from  cryptocurrency mining articles / tutorials, coaching, products, giveaways and much more.

Our Motivation

Our goal at Mining Chamber is to develop a community for Crypto Enthusiasts that would provide help when needed. Mining Chamber aims to make Cryptocurrency Mining more accessible and simplified for everyone.

We look forward to build a virtual library full of updated knowledge and make great videos on YouTube


The Team


Orly Itah

Discord: @MC | Orly
  • Blog Writer
  • Creative Arts
  • Social Media Manager
  • 3D Modeling and Design
  • Co-Founder

    Our Services

    We provide many different services and we will always would love to listen to more ideas and apply them so feel free to contact us!

    If you are just getting started then this would be great for you, schedule a skype call with us and we will explain and guide you through all of what to expect.

    Lottery is a fun way to earn money and rank up our giveaway system, the more supporters we get the more giveaways we will provide.

    Library is the home of all articles, we post weekly guides, tutorials, and weekly recaps.

    Products will vary from custom Mining Rigs, Gaming Pcs, Parts and Clothing.

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    We have started a YouTube Channel! There are tons of educational and fun videos on our channel, so please feel free to check it out!! : – )

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